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Webinar: Charting Your Roadmap to Customer Expansion

November 13 2019 | 11am MT / 1pm ET

Consistent and sustainable B2B revenue growth over time isn’t just found in new customer acquisition. Sure, it’s important to continue growing your base and market share, but you can’t forget about another critical component to success: expanding the relationships with the customers you already do have.

If your business doesn’t have a expansion strategy in place, you are not driving toward the best possible customer outcomes, risking churn, and almost certainly leaving additional money on the table.

Join our upcoming webinar on November 13th, where ServiceSource experts will share insights and recommendations for maximizing the value of your existing customers, helping them achieve their full potential and ensuring they stick around with you for the long haul.


Mark Erbele

Global Customer Success Executive

Jodie Ruyle

Director, Customer Experience Design

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